Exped LLC is a small company and we all happen to be paddlers with a passion for adventure. It saddens us to see trash in the waters and on the beaches where we paddle - whether that's far from home on a remote beach or on our home stretch of water. The stuff is everywhere! It's ugly, dangerous to life, and it needs to be removed. That's what is all about - removing the trash we see from the waters we love.

It's quite simple and our little tagline says it all:

Take only trash, leave only swirls.

When we paddle, we pick up trash in our human powered craft and we invite you to do the same. Spread the word and let's turn our kayaks and canoes into Garbage Scows!

See you on the water.

The team at Exped LLC
Seattle, WA

26 March 2012

Blake Island campsite work with WWTA

To celebrate the return of spring, we joined up with the Washington Water Trails Association and headed to Blake Island for some campsite restoration and trash pick-up. On the northwest corner of the island is a WWTA campsite that is part of the Cascadia Marine Trail and a fun get-away that is surrounded by communities on all sides. It's a gem of a place but it sees a lot of visits during the warmer seasons and during the winter trash builds up. We paddled across to Blake from the town of Manchester to the west. A cool breeze blew all day but the sun made an afternoon appearance.

We planted a lot of beach grass near the campsites and it was a great reminder of how much can be achieved by even a few committed volunteers.

Onward to more spring weather!

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