Exped LLC is a small company and we all happen to be paddlers with a passion for adventure. It saddens us to see trash in the waters and on the beaches where we paddle - whether that's far from home on a remote beach or on our home stretch of water. The stuff is everywhere! It's ugly, dangerous to life, and it needs to be removed. That's what is all about - removing the trash we see from the waters we love.

It's quite simple and our little tagline says it all:

Take only trash, leave only swirls.

When we paddle, we pick up trash in our human powered craft and we invite you to do the same. Spread the word and let's turn our kayaks and canoes into Garbage Scows!

See you on the water.

The team at Exped LLC
Seattle, WA

16 June 2011

Lawn chairs and Crawdads on the Sammamish Slough

A late afternoon paddle on the slough was just what I needed last night - quiet, calm, relaxing. Along the way I pulled some plastic bottles out of the river and, at one point, a lawn chair. The river has been running pretty high and fast in recent weeks with our rainy weather, but it's slowing down a bit now. All that high water flushed out some junk that has obviously been in the water for a while.

When I pulled the boat out of the water and started unloading the trash this crayfish appeared on the blade of my paddle. He was not happy and his body language made that very clear as I carried him back to the river.


  1. Maybe the crayfish was looking for a new place to sit! It was time for a new chair anyway, he might have exclaimed.

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