Exped LLC is a small company and we all happen to be paddlers with a passion for adventure. It saddens us to see trash in the waters and on the beaches where we paddle - whether that's far from home on a remote beach or on our home stretch of water. The stuff is everywhere! It's ugly, dangerous to life, and it needs to be removed. That's what is all about - removing the trash we see from the waters we love.

It's quite simple and our little tagline says it all:

Take only trash, leave only swirls.

When we paddle, we pick up trash in our human powered craft and we invite you to do the same. Spread the word and let's turn our kayaks and canoes into Garbage Scows!

See you on the water.

The team at Exped LLC
Seattle, WA

30 November 2009

Duck hunt gone bad.

The day after Thanksgiving is always a good time to try and escape the fray and get out for a traditional day on the water. Henderson Inlet in South Puget Sound was the chosen destination. Packed with Herons, Surf Scoters, Buffle Heads, Bald Eagles, King Fishers, and glassy waters the inlet provides for some beautiful bird watching at the back of the inlet during hide tide.

Seems we weren't the only ones with that idea...but someone forgot about the water fowl hunting aesthetic. Not water fowl hunters ourselves, but we have plenty of hunting friends that shudder at the kind of wasteful sloppiness and complete disregard for habitat stewardship that we found. Left to float on the incoming tide, one dead Scoter and 25+ spent shot gun shells. A little care goes a long way in preserving access, environment, and traditions.

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  1. My fiancee and I were walking and bird watching this afternoon at Jetty Island, in Everett, which is a city park. We were surprised to see duck hunters there, and more surprised when they fired shots in our direction. We immediatly dropped to the sand and called the police. Although it is unlawful to discharge a firearm within Everett's city limits (let alone while in a PARK!) there was some confusion as to whether it was within the jurisdiction of the Everett PD or the Snohomish County Sheriff's Department. While I was on the phone with the police, additional shots were fired and several pieces of buckshot landed on us. I'm not sure if any police officers showed up because we promptly moved to the other end of the island, but I will be following up on this issue to be sure.